• Interaction Guaranteed Did you know that Gamelin Advergames has a click-through ratio that is 15 times greater than the average online game site and that our per-user on-site dwell time averages more than 5 minutes?
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  • Savings Boost Revenue When it comes to producing a custom look or branded game, Gamelin can do it at a fraction of the cost and development time of traditional advertising.
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  • Reach Multiple Markets Our growing library of advergames can be targeted to appeal equally to consumers (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-employee (B2E) uses.
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Why Gamelin?

Gamelin's internet-based casual games offer major advantages over even the best of the prior types of advergames!

We offer fun, casual, online games with great playability, exciting themes and engaging interactive content that can be quickly, effectively and economically adapted for many uses. Because of the dynamic structure of our advergame development game designs, we can modify, customize and update your games as often as desired.

Gamelin's advergames can live in many different locations - whether you want your game to be accessed through your company's site or on our public site, we can easily customize your game to
fit anywhere.

The Gamelin Approach

Our approach goes far beyond simple branding of a page with a sponsor's logos or placing a product or tagline in the background of a game.

It involves getting players actively engaged with the game content and letting them opt-in to earn prizes and rewards as they learn.

What sets Gamelin Advergames apart?

Our interactive in-game content can not only be directed toward consumers, but also to dealer networks, distribution channels, retail outlets and in-company employees as well.
We have proven, effective formats to help people to do their jobs better -- and improve your business results.