• Interaction Guaranteed Did you know that Gamelin Advergames has a click-through ratio that is 15 times greater than the average online game site and that our per-user on-site dwell time averages more than 5 minutes?
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  • Savings Boost Revenue When it comes to producing a custom look or branded game, Gamelin can do it at a fraction of the cost and development time of traditional advertising.
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  • Reach Multiple Markets Our growing library of advergames can be targeted to appeal equally to consumers (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-employee (B2E) uses.
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Reach Multiple Markets

What sets Gamelin Advergames apart?

It's that our interactive in-game content can be formatted to reach a wide range of needs.

  • B2C PromotionsEncourage individual contestants to learn about and purchase the sponsor's products and services. The ranks of online casual games players are large ($1.25B last year) and growing (more than 100M people play casual games), with more than 70 million people playing every day. About 65-70% of these avid players are women - one of the most important, but hardest to reach, demographic groups. Many of Gamelin's consumer-oriented advergames are designed to appeal to them.

  • B2B PromotionsDesigned to help B2B marketing Atlanta suppliers, dealerships, OEM's, distributors and other commercial marketers reinforce knowledge that will help their businesses to grow - and provide incentives to motivate their people to promote your product or service.

  • B2E FormatsStructured to build positive employee responses for in-company, sales, marketing, safety, HR and training departments, etc. In-company games also work well for building user knowledge for associations and other membership-type groups.